3 Best home theater system under 500

The best surround sound system brings a lot more than enjoyment to your mini theatre at home. It helps you arrange movie nights for family gatherings. HD vision is not sufficient for a good movie, without a good quality sound system. Here are some guidelines while selecting the best home theater system under 500.

While selecting the best home theatre speaker system for your mini-theatre you should consider whether the system has the following features or not.

  • Easy setup to install.
  • Wireless speakers can have one wire for connection.
  • Size of the speaker i.e the dimensions of the speaker.
  • Dolby sound system.
  • The price is in the affordable range.
  • The speaker systems should be considered i.e satellite, woofer, center and rear channel speaker.

We have reviewed 3 best home theater sound system under 500 for you. Let’s have a detailed look at their features

Polk Audio – Blackstone TL1600 and Denon AVR-S540BT

Polk audio home theater system is an amazing 6 piece surround sound system with affordable price for your mini theatre at home. Enjoy high-quality sound system with high definition visual effects on your smart TV. The Dolby enabled the sound feature and 4K sound present your living room as a mini theatre.

The company has worked on every aspect of the speaker form design to size and performance. The Polk Audio sound system has some amazing features such as;


  • Bluetooth enabled technology to link the speakers to your device and control the system with your smart device.
  • 4 units of 2-way speakers containing center speaker and tweeters within a single system, giving you a blend of high and low-frequency sounds.
  • Enjoy high-frequency sound with 50W power of subwoofer. The woofer is a speaker which produce sounds with high frequency.
  • With 5 HDMI input ports and 1 HDMI output port connect the system with multiple devices.
  • The Polk Audio has an IOS app which you can download on your mobile and control the frequency of sound. You can adjust the frequency, turn on the music or turn it off and also select the source of the sound.
  • The system can accurately produce sound within the range of 20Hz to 20kHz frequency.
  • The system is extremely sensitive and you can pick high and low sounds with 89dB sensitivity.
  • You can operate WMA. AAC, MP3, and FLAC format files and enjoy the music.

The sound system is quite economical and you can have one at $449. You get a warranty of two years on eliminating the problem with the system. Other products included in the system are AM and FM antenna, remote control, microphone with auto-calibration.

The single HDMI cable also comes with the system. It includes 6 speakers with subwoofers and satellite speakers.

Yamaha – 725W 5.1-Ch. Hi-Res 3D Home Theater Speaker System

Take your mini home theatre one step ahead with the Yamaha-725W 5.1-Ch. Hi-Res 3D surround sound speaker system. The Bluetooth enabled system helps to control your device from multiple locations with the smart device in your hand. Enjoy unlimited movies, videos, music, games, and sports with enhanced quality sound production.

The Yamaha home theatre system has the following interesting features;


  • Powerful sound production with 100W active woofer. It produces sounds with high frequency.
  • The main channel, center channel and rear-channel speakers run on 725W power to give you maximum sound production.
  • The sound system has a digital signal processing unit which can work on custom mode.
  • With high resolution, the digital screen comes high definition sound features. Enjoy HD resolution with HD sound by Yamaha mini-theatre system.
  • It has 1 HDMI input and 1 HDMI output port. Connect the system with HDMI cable to enjoy resolution and digital quality of sound.

The product cost is $479 and it comes with 2 years warranty. It contains 2 main channel, 2 rear channel, 1 center channel and 1 active subwoofer speakers. Well, the system has its remote control but you can also control the device from your smartphone.

Onkyo – HT 5.1-Ch. 4K Home Theater System

At such a reduced price enjoy the theatre at your home with the 5.1 channel 4K home theatre system by Onkyo. It has Dolby True-HD sound technology and DTS master feature, giving you the joy of watching a movie in a cinema. The high power speakers produce powerful high-quality sounds.

Build a mini 3D cinema at your home by bringing a 3D TV, glasses and the surround sound system by Onkyo. Onkyo has never compromised excellence over performance and availability. With the amazingly low price, you can also get one system for you.

The Onkyo 5.1  home theatre system has the following fantastic features;


  • Enjoy high-quality sounds with Dolby TrueHD and DTS- HD sound for an amazing movie night.
  • With Bluetooth, feature connects the system with a device compatible with the system and control the device from any location.
  • The system can work on three audio systems which are WMA (Window Media Audio), AAC (Advanced Audio Config) and MP3 music. Enjoy unlimited music on any of these sound systems.
  • A subwoofer speaker powered at 100W to produce powerful high pitched sound.
  • Satellite and center speakers create sounds with medium to low frequency. And enjoy a combination of sound.
  • Only 1 output HDMI port is present while 4 HDMI input ports are present. Connect the system with TV and with HD resolution pictures enjoy high-quality sounds too.
  • With the digital signal processing feature amplify the sounds of movie and songs o give you an enhanced experience.
  • 30 preset programs are there to tune your speakers on AM/FM mode.

With just $284 give your mini home theatre an advanced look. The system works with 5.1 channel and has a warranty of 2 years. The subwoofer is not wireless.


Although the sound systems are mostly termed as wireless they do contain at least one or two connectivity wires with the main system. While buying sound systems, you should consider the key specific features and get some ideas from the product reviews. They help you a lot to give you information on your product. Just with some research, you can get the best product for your home.


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