Best 7.1 Home Theatre System Review

If you ever experienced a 5.1 home theatre system, you already know its absolute standard quality. However, if you level-up to 7.1, it enables you to get an immerse sound quality. With seven speakers and a subwoofer, it gives you a top-notch cinematic experience. So, here you can read Best 7.1 Home Theatre System review with pros and cons below the picks.

Aperion Audio Verus all Grand Tower Surround 10D ($5,844) Paired with NAD T777V3

Aperion home theatre system generates the best quality audio. Aperion’s latest update is Verus III. Its redesigned, excellent speakers, gives you even more crisp detail. This is because it comes equipped with Axially Stabilized Radiating (ASR) designed tweeter.

Having 5.25” Kevlar Midrange Drivers with Aluminium Phase plug exceptionally gives you crystal clear voice and allows more power handling to ensure to get the max out of it.

It’s a smooth high-frequency system, tremendous imaging and controlled bass with floor spikes and footers. Crossover network concluded in well balancing sleekly response across the entire range.

The virus all include treble Mod, and optional port plug allows high pitch boomy sound with a range of listening environment and listener preferences.

With NAD up-gradation to the T 777 is profoundly real audio with a variety of surround codecs. Without pricey tags, it offers you a real sense of high-quality midrange sound with high-frequency qualities.

As I mention 10D version here, which I searched and found it’s the best.

Verus all Specifications

  • Ferrofluid added to the tweeter
  • Extended voice midrange drivers
  • Light weighted magnetic grille
  • TrebleMod function
  • Improved cross network


  • Lavish, splendid midrange
  • Offers expensive stereo imaging with improved tweeter sound
  • Seems like classic aesthetic
  • Redesigned and re-voice crossover network
  • Control detailed bass
  • Tight tonal balance
  • Ten years warranty


  • Maybe bigger for some setups
  • As it has a narrow tower which is not stable for carpets
  • Cheaply made floor pads

Klipsch RP-250 7.1 Reference Premier Surround Sound Speaker Package

To improve listening quality, Klipsch 7.1 best home theatre system is one best choice among all. It comes up with Floorstanding speaker and cerametallic cone woofers as well.

For one thing, it has a central channel speaker along with a couple of surround speakers, and a couple of monitor speakers; all have cerametallic cones. The monitor speakers convey a crystal clear and crisp sound from a Hybrid Tractrix Horn, and its woofer is the best blend of qualities such as power, sophistication and heart-pounding bass.

In addition, its rubber construction has improved responses and reduced harshness. Enabling it to have more efficient and balanced rigidity and distortion as its air transfer from the cabinet.

Its surround speakers offer a compact design that can fit in any place in your home and provides you a great sound.

If you want to enjoy full entertainment with high voice quality, then it’s the best home theatre system that will bring a superb change to your home entertainment experience.


  • Pair of RP-250 F reference premier floor standing speakers
  • With 8” cerametallic cone woofer
  • Core center channel speaker allows quad 5.25.”
  • RP 160M Reference Premier Monitor speakers with 6.5 inch


  • Have the floor standing speakers
  • Speakers have cerametallic cones
  • With good speakers cabinets
  • Looks classy with gold speaker designs
  • Fits in any room


  • No speaker grilles
  • It does not come with a receiver

Final Thoughts

Best 7.1 Home Theatre System plus subwoofer let you immerse in the video, game or movie, it’s feeling like you are actually in the scene while playing or watching. These above 7.1 home theatre system reviewed let you feel like plunge what you are watching. Having fascinating features offers you a great experience ever. You can choose according to your needs.

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