Best Wireless Home Theatre System Review

Everyone loves listening to good sound; it’s a way to freshen your mood. If you are interested in immersive sound, then you have come to at right place because I’m going to review the best wireless home theatre system.

Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Audio Home Theatre System

A potent and best wireless home theatre system formed in 2013, Enclave audios was designed to produce a high-end quality home theatre system.

5.1 provides you 360 degree of right 24-bit wireless audio and also offers you custom designed and tuned HD WiSA speakers. Each speaker consists of two full entire range drivers that are available on another side of the spot.

The firmware system has two front, and two super speakers are most comfortable to wall-holder. You can push a button to connect Smart Center with speakers and subwoofer. The range of its remote-control is limited that is hard to use.

If you wanted to improve its performance, you could update it by connected it via Bluetooth and update it through an app on your smartphone/tablet.

The sound quality system is secure for you and lots more fascinating features between the ranges of $500 to $1000.

It also provides streaming music by connecting your mobile via Bluetooth and easily and stream any music.

Moreover, it is coming with an HDMI cable that connects HDMI (ARC) an input source of your TV if you want to stream in 4K from an Apple TV or a similar device.


  • A versatile 5.1 system gives separate speakers for each channel
  • Very easy to use
  • Sounds good for the price


  • The remote is hard and control limited range
  • If you have any issue that it is not supported by the ‘smallish’ company.

Nakamichi Shockwave Pro 7.1Ch 400W 45” Sound Bar with 8” Subwoofer (Wireless) & Rear Satellite Speakers

Surround sound Nakamichi is familiar for its high-quality to experience movie theatre sound. It’s a high-priced HI-Fi separate and assembles an affordably priced home theatre system, one of which is Shockwave Pro 7.1.

It’s a 7.1 system offers seven different channels with one subwoofer channel, and 15 surround modes give you real clarity sound surround soundbar system for experience best audio acoustic wideness.

The sound quality system volume rated at 400 Watts, which is powered by 11 speaker drivers that convey high-quality sound. Additionally, 8 inches subwoofer with super low end down to very respectable 35Hz.

HDMI input with 4K TV and two rear speakers easily connect to wireless subwoofer.  So you can get the best experience of any to envelop surround sound which you heard but never listen.

A friendly remote is easy to use with a backlit display let you easily seen in darken environment.

Additionally, the side speakers give a widespread sound hitting from all directions.

It is highly recommended as the price point of view.


  • As it is a soundbar system having real, physical rear speakers
  • Reasonable price for such a high-quality sound system
  • The heritage of Nakamichi brand


  • Some users have faced syncing problem between the subwoofer and the soundbar, but now this issue is resolved by doing a power cycle (turning the unit off and on again)
  • Some users claimed that the remote doesn’t work overtime or over the warranty time if you have such problem you can buy a new one or can use universal remote which I genuinely suggest you for ease to use when using different AV equipment.

Final Words

So, I have reviewed the two best wireless home theatre system. One gives you a real surround system, and another gives two fronts only systems which are convenient and straightforward with pros and cons. Thanks!

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