Best Wireless Surround Sound System

If you want to shape your living room the best home theater system you need to consider the following points;

  • Select a suitable wireless surround sound system.
  • Select a complete Sonos 5.1 channel wireless surround sound system.
  • Choose a suitable device which can support the wireless surround sound system.

Knowledge about the surround sound system is not new. Surround system works on transmitting sound in every corner of the room. This transmitted sound reflects and we hear them. It is the same as sitting with the director during a recording and hearing all the resonating sounds.

But talking about the surround system and director we have some idea that it requires a whole mashup of wires and cables. Getting entangled in a lump of wires and cables is a problem everyone faces with electronic gadgets. But now it is no more a problem. With the innovation in technology, we have a range of wireless devices available. And among these devices, wireless surround sound system is also one.

Sonos Home Theater System


Sonos is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics founded in America. Enjoy listening to music with Sonos speakers. But they have taken a step ahead with the technology. Sonos have started manufacturing wireless surround sound system for home theaters.

With the Sonos speakers, you can enjoy crystal clear sound, filled in the whole room. Apart from that, the system is quite easy to install and operate. You can place your speakers on any furniture or mount them on the walls. Control your system from your sofa, either connect it to the TV or your mobile phone and enjoy non stop streaming music.

Sonos home theater system comes with a Beam, which is a small size compacted soundbar to enjoy music, movies and game sounds on the TV. Along with this comes the Playbar, which can be mounted on the wall. Enjoy sounds for music, movies, games, and sports with this adjustable soundbar.

Sonos sound systems are quite small in size with a sleek design. Enjoy soundbars with the Playbase device non-stop for film, music and other activities. If you want to enjoy deep sensing sounds don’t worry, Sonos has a solution for that. With Sub you can enjoy low-frequency sounds and amazing point to note is, it’s wireless.

The Sonos sound system has built-in wifi to enhance your connectivity. Connect your sound system to multiple devices through wifi and BlueTooth.

Sonos 5.1 Home Theater System Package

The Sonos 5.1 channel home theater system package comes with 4 items. A perfect combination of modern design and innovative technology Sonos 5.1 relieves you from the hurdles of managing long cables. Wireless design makes your room free of cables.

The home theater system package includes Soundbar for TV which can be installed on walls or placed on furniture. Control the frequency with a remote control device or install the Sonos app on a mobile phone. The designing of playback is done by Oscar-winning sound specialist so that you can feel the human voice while watching the program. You can also connect Sonos speakers in different rooms through wifi.

Enjoy deep bass sound with the wireless subwoofers. Place it anywhere in your room, or mount on the wall the speaker perfectly delivers its sound. You will feel a change when you will place one in your room. The sound comes with guaranteed no vibration. Play sound separately on a subwoofer or join it with other speakers to get a dynamic sound quality.

Another product in the package is the Play1 speaker. The speaker in itself is a small package with a huge surprise. Perfectly designed to deliver powerful sound Play1 fill your room with music. You can control the sound quality with the Sonos app from your mobile phone. The size of Play1 is so small that you don’t need to worry about placing it at any location. As the package contains a pair of Play1 speakers you can pair them for better sound delivery. Also, control your speakers through wifi.

Sonos 5.1 home theater system review

A speaker is not about loud sound only. The sound it produces needs to be clear also. With the improvement in TV screen resolutions, the sound quality remained neglected. But with Sonos Playbar you don’t need to worry about the clarity of sound. The Playbar speaker has 9 drivers, out of them 6 mid-range and 3 tweeters to give you vibration-free crystal clear voice.

The builtin drivers help you hear what you see. The HD sound system makes synchronicity with the TV screen. The system is not completely wireless with only two wires. One cable to connect the system with power and the other cable to connect the speakers with the TV. With the user-friendly manual guide, every step is clearly explained. Including connecting the wires to operating the system with Wifi.

Whatever sound-producing device you have, either gaming consoles, satellite boxes or Blu-ray players, connect them with your TV and Playbar and enjoy the music. Moreover, the custom mode feature on the Playbar helps you improve the clarity of sound. If you think the sound delivery is not clear adjust the feature by the custom mode with the speech enhancement feature.

The night mode feature

is quite user-friendly. If you want to watch a show at late night just turn on the late-night mode. It shifts the speaker to produce low-frequency sounds and reduce high-frequency voice production so other members may not get disturbed.

Apart from the remote control device install the Sonos app and enjoy non stop music streaming. You don’t need to be in the same room. Control the speaker from any part of the house. There are about 30 streaming channels available. You can download music videos and movies and play them whenever you want on the speaker.

The sound quality is affected by the location of your TV, size, shape, and orientation of your room. Sonos 5.1 home theater system has Trueplay software which measures the dimensions of a room and plays sound suitable to the room. Get an Amazon Echo or Dot to use your voice to control your playlist on anyone Sonos speaker in your home.

With the Sonos 5.1, home theater system make your living room a mini theater and enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

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