Best Blu-Ray Home Theater System of LG Electronics

Everyone wants to have perfect speakers for taking their home entertainment to another level. They are always looking for the immersive and 3D surround sound quality that delivers crystal clear audio. But, it is not easy to find that one which comes with a bass boost speaker. There is no need to worry as LG Electronics BH5140S 500W Blu-Ray Home Theater System is best for serving your purpose. You will feel awesome at the time of listening to favorite media. Moreover, the perfect part is that the unit comes with a built-in Blu-ray disc for completing the whole package.

You can connect the speakers with any device according to the need and enjoy 3D sound that you have never experienced before. One will not find any distortion in the audio when the volume is full. Enjoy blockbusters movies and songs as it has the simplest user interface. You don’t have to go through the messy wires as the whole setup is wireless. In this guide, we have covered all the aspects related to know about LG Electronics BH5140S 500W Blu-Ray Home Theater System. It is necessary to look at the amazing features, pros, and cons of the device. Let us discuss them below.

Features of LG Electronics BH5140S 500W Blu-Ray Home Theater System

  • 1 channel support

The home theater has 5.1 channel supports that make the device great for listening media at full volume without any disturbance. You don’t have to worry about the product as the device comes with five speakers and one big base boosted unit. The user can control the sound with the help of remote and moreover; the appliance works with the Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Karaoke mode

If you are the one who loves to record sound for checking whether you are a perfect singer or not, then this one will serve your purpose. You can go for recording high-quality audio for listening and improving your voice.

  • Bluetooth

Many people are always worried about the speed of Bluetooth connectivity. The reason is that they don’t find the feature more effective in various devices. But, there is no need to worry with the LG Electronics BH5140S 500W Blu-Ray Home Theater System. You will get the support of intense connectivity amenity that can connect a machine with ease.

  • Optical connectivity

It means that you can go for connecting USB, optical, and some other devices with this electronics. You have to make sure to go for using the right unit for building a perfect connection with the home theater system.

These all are the top features of using the home theater for listening to high-quality sound without any disturbance. The appliance is available both on the local and online stores.


  1. USB recording

There may be a time when you don’t have to watch a series or movies on TV. With the amazing system, it is possible to watch them later as the machine comes with a USB recording feature. You can make the device to start saving the show that you loved the most and don’t want to miss any single update.

  1. DTH connectivity

Well, you can add LG Electronics BH5140S 500W Blu-Ray Home Theater System to a DTH unit. When you are going for installing the device in the home and then ask the provider to set the system with the speakers.

  1. Full HD upscaling

Many people are worried about the sound quality of the electronic appliances that they are looking to buy. You don’t have to think more in the case of LG home theater system. The reason is that the machine comes with full HD upscaling that allows one to hear the quality sound without any distortion.

  1. Conversion mode

Some users are looking for a conversion mode in their units to check whether they can play NTSC coded disc or not. Moreover, you can go changing the system from NTSC to Pal or vice versa.

These all are the top pros of using LG Electronics BH5140S 500W Blu-Ray Home Theater System.


We all look for every subtle factor before deciding to buy a specific product. In this section, we have covered all the aspects related to the drawbacks of purchasing LG speakers.

  • Fails sometime

Some users are complaining about the system failure when they are trying to insert DVD in the player. We don’t know about the reason, but they considered the wrong part. It might be some manufacturing defect.

  • Price

If you have never buy any product like this one, then you may find the unit little expensive than any other devices.

Why there is a need to buy LG Electronics BH5140S 500W Blu-Ray Home Theater System?

Before we buy any product from the market, it becomes essential to understand its importance. The reason is to make sure that you are not making the wrong decision. You don’t have to worry as we have covered the aspects that help to see why you should buy the unit.

  • No distortion

There is nothing like distortion created by the machine when the volume is set to full. You can check this feature at the time of buying this Blu-Ray Home Theater System from the stores. The reason behind the high-quality is that the company used the latest technology.

  • Easy user interface

When you are using the home theater, then you will come to know that it comes with a perfect user interface. This LG electronics comes with remote control and simple buttons that makes the machine great for listening to high-quality sound without any trouble.

  • 3D Blu-ray disc mode

It is the fantastic feature of LG Electronics BH5140S 500W Blu-Ray Home Theater that makes the unit worth trying. You have to ensure to bring clean disc for playing your favorite movie and music.

To conclude, these all are the essential aspects to know about the LG Electronics BH5140S 500W Blu-Ray Home Theater System. You don’t have to worry about the sound quality as it is fantastic. The product can be bought from any retail or online stores. All the features of the device make the unit worth trying.

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