Bose Home Theater System Review

Are you looking for a better home theater system? Let me introduce the Bose Home Theater System with all functions that you expect from a high-quality system. There are many versions of this brand. Bose LifeStyle 650 is one of the best versions. The features of this system made it one of the most popular brands in the market.

Overview of Bose Lifestyle 650

With its four Omni Jewel satellite speakers, 650 Bose Home Theater System has 360° intact sound proficiencies which gives you flawless listening. Astonishingly! Speakers have two drivers connecting, and space among them named as grill where the sound generates. Its speakers produce a nidus sound that plunges you into the music that you are listening.

It has a console centering channel speaker as Acoustimass bass unit allows you to control anything using the console receiver such as volume and other input sources. It has a fantastic functioning receiver with six HDMI ports that support up to 4K input.

Moreover, it works differently as compared to other models from the same manufacturer. It also supports streaming services like Amazon Music and Spotify. You can also connect this system with your mobile using its NFC function.

Usually, another home theater system requires proper adjustments in specific environment or area to get most out of them.

There is another essential thing of Bose Home Theater System; it gives a choice of ADAPTiQ function and a distinctive headset as well.

Though this system offers you complete functionality, its features are robust. You can face some flaws due to the robustness of the features. I experienced the issue in the use of the remote. Let’s talk about some pros and cons of the system.

System Looks

I like the looks of each part of this system. There is tempered glass console, and the surface is finished with the Anodized Aluminum. Overall, it generates good sounds and looks good in your home because of its beautiful design.


  • It provides 6 HDMI ports that allow 4k input
  • An incredible ADAPQTiQ function and a special headset too
  • Having four Omni Jewels satellite speakers let you hear at 360-degree intact sound
  • It supports Streaming services
  • Ability of Alexa
  • NFC mobile device sync
  • Perfect Acoustimass 300 bass


  • An advanced-level sound system 5.1 has four Omni Jewel Speakers
  • The smooth design of system modules
  • Wireless connection availability among speaker units
  • Supports up to 4k content
  • Six HDMI ports
  • Deeper bass sound


  • Sometimes you have to face the difficulty of ADAPTiQ function
  • If you have not new knife blade, then Cricut maker could not get over from board
  • Remote can also become leggy

Final Words

As Bose Home Theater System has Omni Jewel Speakers that let you deliberate the sound coming from a particular room, it gives you an immerse sound experience. If you want to immerse sound experience with 5.1 whole sound system, then I ensure you will get the exact sound that you want.

I am also having stunning features such as ADAPTiQ that is entirely different from other typical sound systems.

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