Bose Sound Touch 130 Home Theatre System

Bose Sound Touch 130 Home Theatre System is one of the best for high-quality sound. If you want clutter free sound without massive speakers, then this system’s sound bars look to be a thing you should attend. As latest soundbars can provide virtual surround sound experience, and the Bose Sound Touch 130 Home Theatre System has a wireless sound bar with Acoustimass Bass Unit. Both qualities come with a full range voice with high-quality.

Let’s find out what Bose says more!


Bose offers a complete package with four major components, such as:

  • Soundbar
  • Acoustimass bass
  • Wireless adapter
  • Control Console

The sound bar is 37 inches long in length and quite balanced in weight. It has six drivers, three in the center, two on the either ends and one in bottom respectively that support to get beam formation resulting in a virtual surround sound in high quality.

The Bose control console gives four HDMI ports are most natural to switch between sources. Everyone can choose while using the Sound Touch app or the IR remote control. With 3.5 mm headphone jack, stereo input from RCA cables, coaxial cable, and optical input are also provided by this system. The control console has the capacity of 4k video pass through. It’s amazing.

A wireless adapter gives you the facility to stream internet radio stations by connecting directly to your favorite station, also with remote control and a bunch of wires for powering up and nourishing audio. The remote control can use to switch the radio station.

The system lets you the best sound bar that gives surround sound with the help of calibration headset. Calibration Headset is an array of microphones that provides you to calculate echo, sound volume, and many other things. The entire ADAPTiQ calibration procedure takes less than 10 minutes to sets up.

It allows for multiple orientations. You can adjust the performance to have the best surround sound with speaker grille, which offers the front as well as the top increases the class in this case, no matter what the orientation is.

Though it comes with a higher cost that is $1499 but gives flawlessly sound experience so that you don’t have regret about it.


  • It’s a unique sleek design system with the latest technology
  • The sounds feel like real and well-balanced
  • Metallic beautiful appearance
  • The top-notch sound experiences
  • Wireless adapter
  • Four HDMI Inputs
  • Online radio streaming over WI-FI
  • Wall mounted
  • 4K video pass-through
  • Loudly enough to a medium size room
  • Acoustimass Bass Unit
  • ADAPTiQ calibration makes the sound quality better


  • Not fits for larger rooms
  • costly
  • Metallic stuff
  • The lows from the Acoustimass are underpowered


The Bose Touch 130 Home Theatre System is a mixture of sleek design with the latest technology that is suited even for medium rooms and delivers top-notch sound experience.

Also having fascinating features such as ADAPTiQ that is entirely different as compared to other sound systems gives you excellent quality voice. Let’s have a high-quality voice experience with it you don’t have ever heard!

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