Building a Home Theater System

Building a Home theater system is not an easy task. There is a need to gather all the information to create your own Home Theater system. If you want to construct a comfortable and stylish entertainment Home theater system, then keep reading.

Home theater is a source of entertainment. Mostly people prefer to make a space in a home where they have their home theater system. But there are several essential points to keep in mind when you are building a home theater system in your home to enjoy comfortably. It also provides gathering space for your friends or family and guest alike. Many ways through which you can find over the internet to make a stylish home theater, but the methods are complicated as well as expensive, so if you’re considering building a comfortable, elegant, and even at affordable price then you’ll need to keep these critical factors in your mind to ensure you end up with the space that suits your design taste and budget best.

Designer Home Theaters and Media Rooms

To establish a designer home theater system in your home is not going to more difficult if you consider these considerations. Now you have don’t need to worry about the space and money because at a very reasonable price you can build your realistic home theater system in your home. Just explore these steps:


First and foremost, an important consideration, you should decide which site is best for the home theater system in your home. Then go to further hammer swings to start construction work on that place. It is best, if you have a place in square footage for a large, like as usually cinema halls, so find a place that should be in the range of 20*13 or 20*15 feet is considered optimal for a home theater. A portion of your living room, family room, a spare bedroom situated upstairs are the best places in your home to make a designer home theater system.

Suggested options:

  • Building home theater system wing off the living room
  • Closing in the open second-floor space above a formal living room
  • Converting a spare bedroom that at least 12 by 12 feet

Soundproofing and Lighting

After deciding the location, the next vital factors you need to consider are Soundproofing and lighting. Soundproofing means without interruption; you have a room where outside sounds are not intended. It should be as self-contained as possible. There the insulation for the walls should be R30. Also, the floor and ceiling is a must. Having a standard level of insulation is excellent, then move to further soundproofing after the wiring has been installed. And the lighting is also needed to consider so that you have an indulged experience.

Speaking of Sound

It’s the time to pre-wire your sound system. Most people use 7.1 surround sound theater system. This system comes with one subwoofer and seven-channel speakers. You can place it as left, right, center, two sides, and two rear. There is a center speaker that is generally located just above the TV or projection screen as left or right to either side, and side and back are placed on the front and rear walls of the room.

Place the speaker exactly where you can get an indulged sound:

Center: just up or down the viewing screen

Left/Right: on either side of the screen at ear height

Side Surround: On the side walls just behind the main row of seating

Rear Surround: On the back wall (usually depending on the system)


Now it is essential to have the right amount of light to create ambiance in your movie-theater –like space. You have to pre-wire lighting for the room. Some home theaters come with recessed lighting in the ceiling and sconces or similarly low-profile fixtures along the side walls. So, if you connect lights to an RF dimmer then it will offer you to control lighting with a remote.

Furthermore, if you are going to buy a theater which is featured stadium seating, then it is needed floor lighting so guests can navigate the space when the lights are dim.

Install Drywall and Soundproofing

When you have completed lighting wired, then you have to install drywall and soundproofing. There are so many good brands of drywall that offer soundproof as a feature, but if you want to use separate drywall then you should install high-density vinyl or other soundproofing material behind the drywall for a better outcome.

Set up Video and Sound System

The next step is to set up the video and sound system when you have installed the drywall and painted as well. There is one convenient feature as you can hang your speakers, projector and screen or TV. If you want more seamless look for space, then you can disguise speakers with acoustic panels.

If you are interested in a large-screen theater experience then you have to include these mentioned two cables:

  • An HDMI cable wire to carry high-definition video to the projector
  • A CAT5 control wire for accessing the projector with RF remote.

Comfortable Furniture

Last but not least, it’s time to listen after Building your theater system, but wait, are you installed the furniture? There is lots of comfortable option regarding the home theater furniture, but I suggest you, you should choose from a range of armchair-like seating, whether you are in single or bench seat form. Depending on the prices, you can select the quality.


Just an extravagance for the rich and famous, only need to build home theater system. As we’ve explained each step regarding building your home theater in your home so that you can get a realistic cinema-like experience without leaving your home at an affordable price. If you are thinking about making a stylish home theater in your home, then walk through the above-listed step. Hope so; you have got enough detail. If you need any help then we always welcome you. Keep visiting us for more cool stuff.

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