Guide to Wireless Speakers For Home Theater

The mini-theater is more of a luxury when you don’t want to enjoy an event in a crowd of people. Well, this theater is always available for you when you need and not to forget you don’t have to wait in a long line for tickets. So how can you have access to a mini-theater? The concept of theater at home seems quite relaxing but how to make your living room a theater? In this article, we will help you get some tips on selecting a speaker for best home theater system.

Now the most important thing to have in a theater is the screen, which everyone has at home in the form of TV. And talking about TV, a lot has improved with the visuals, size, and screen of the gadget. So TV is not a problem as it is available in every home. Moving towards the second component of cinema is the sound system. The sound system mostly relies on the speakers which they use in cinema for proper sound delivery to the whole room.

How a speaker works?

Speaker is a device to produce sound with high frequency and magnitude. And we are familiar with this term as we hear about them from every single person around us. And they are present in all sound-producing devices.

Speaker consist of following parts;

  • Dust cap (it vibrates and produce sound).
  • Cone+Surround (receives and deliver sounds with greater amplitude)
  • Spider/Suspension (hold the cone in place while it is vibrating)
  • Magnet and voice call to convert electrical energy into motion.
  • Basket, top plate and pole.
  • The frame which holds all parts together.

The speaker converts electrical energy to mechanical energy to produce sound. These mechanical waves pressurize the air particles to convert into sound energy.

SO this is the basic principle of working applied in all types of speakers. But we have to discuss the innovation which is wireless speakers. Wireless technology has mesmerized everyone with its ease of installation and operation.

But the term wireless does not mean that gadget is all exempted from wires. There are few connecting cables with these gadgets which connect them to the main system. Companies are working day and night to bring innovation to their technologies. With these innovations come the wireless surround sound system specially designed for home-based theatre.

What is the surround sound system?

Surround sound system got inspiration from the sound system in the cinema room. In the cinema room, the arrangement of the speaker is as to deliver sound from every corner of the room towards the audience. Surround sound system also works with the same strategy. A set of speakers mainly 4-6 arranged in a manner that when you sit in your room enjoying some shows you hear quality sound directing from every part of the room with the same intensity.

Now if you want to buy the best wireless home theater system, you should consider the following points;

Quality of sound production:

Without quality sound production high definition visuals are not effective. Dolby True HD sound technology is the latest technology used for quality sound production. A good wireless home theater system should be able to do digital signal processing.

Power consumption:

A good quality speaker should not consume too much power. Their working capacity should be at some average voltage requirement. As too high voltage may cause the circuit to overload and damage the other systems.

Several companies are keeping this point in mind while constructing their speakers.

Size of speakers:

The size of the speaker should not be too large to cover the whole space in the room, neither too small as it affects the quality of its sound. The size of wireless speakers should be convenient to place in the room or install on the wall.

Design of speakers:

A speaker with a sleek and modern design improves your sense of selection. Samsung, Nakamichi, and Sonos never compromise on these features. You will find amazing designs in speakers for your home theatre.


The price of a product needs to be in the affordable range. As it would be a one-time investment for you. But if the product is giving you quality at the high price we can go for this for one time.

How wireless speakers produce sound?

In a wired speaker, the signals pass through cable from one part to the other for transmission of sound. But talking about wireless speakers they have some different phenomenon. In wireless speakers, sounds are produced and transmitted through transmitter fixed in the speaker. While the receiver in the speakers receives the sounds.

Wireless speakers have a built-in AC and DC power supply to connect the receiver to the main power source. Though battery can be used it limits the usage time of the speakers.

Wireless or Wired speakers?

Well, the truth is that the speakers are not completely wireless. But the use of wire is now restricted. You have to connect the main speaker channel and the power supply. While the speakers placed at the back of the room also need to be connected. So all it reduces is the use of wires.

But don’t worry there are wireless cables which have Blu-ray-disc technology to deliver sound across the room. Several systems with rear speakers, front speakers and subwoofers are there. The subwoofer is speakers which produce sound with low frequency but high magnitude.

RCA home theater system has wireless speakers with built-in Bluetooth features and Dolby sound system. Enjoy the sound at different levels with remote control.

Sonos has done efforts with wireless speakers with the introduction of Soundbar and Playbar. They have amplified Playbar, Base and subwoofer for sound transmission to left, right and center speakers.

Although the subwoofers are wireless with self-amplification power for the sound we need to connect it to the power supply DC or AC for a charge.

Another advancement by the wireless speaker technology is the operation of speakers in more than one room. Connect your system to device and place the speakers in more than one room. You can still hear the sound wherever you go.

With the wireless speaker’s app launched by most manufacturers, you can control the sound frequency by the device in your palm only. You can stream music from more than one device and enjoy high quality sounds sitting at one place.

To put in a nutshell, we suggest you consider the type of speaker you want for your home with the design of your room. If you want minimum wire usage to consider applying your speakers close to the AC source.

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