Home theater system repair problems

For the majority of the people, home theater systems look complicated and difficult to understand. Even though they use it, when it is not working, they fail to dig down on the issue. The home theater system looks complicated with too many wires and components. Hence, there is no surprise that something goes wrong and it stops working. Only professionals can make out where is the issue through thorough testing. But there are common home theater system repair problems which are encountered in most of the cases.

Issues related to sound

This issue is usually faced when you try to connect and fix the home theater system all by you and not taking the professional’s help. You may have taken all the components out of the box and fixed them. You may have spent a lot of time picking the right input and output. But, when finally you play your favorite movie, holding a popcorn bowl in hand, you came to know that sound is not coming. Even though you check the speaker connection one more time, there is no sound coming from them.

There is no need to get panic since it happens and it is the most common issue. There is no need to imagine that the entire system has some failure. The entire system goes wrong only when there is a catastrophic power surge exactly at the moment when you switched it on. But there is the least chance this happens.

  • Unplug your receiver
  • Check the A/C receiver’s connection one more time
  • Check the speaker wires and make them tight

If everything looks okay then go and check and the receiver’s software.

The issue with Surround Speakers and they are not working

In this case, you should try turning up the volume. In most of the cases, the surrounding material in some scene or in a series can be unexpectedly subtle. Hence, you should try increasing the volume and check again. It all depends on the series or movie in most of the cases. For adjusting the volume of individual speakers, you should go to the receiver’s setup menu. Once you navigate there, you will see the volume adjustments.

If that is not sufficed then you should check the speaker’s connections. Make sure each and every surrounded speaker is connected properly. In the majority of the cases, it will solve the issue since connection would have gone loose.

If these two don’t solve your issue, then you should have a deep look at the source material. Through this, you will come to know their capability. If they have the capability for 5.1 – 7.1 surround sound or not. In case if you have chosen to play the music through the receiver, then there is less chance. In most of the cases, songs are mixed with two channels and they are mixed with seven or five.

Surround mix are usually not present in series and movies. But there is a chance that they will be present. In this case, you should be making the settings in receiver for translating a 2.1 mix into a 5.1 or you may also require larger. Usually, receiver settings differ from one another. You will find an option for doing this in the label called DSP settings or something similar to that based on your component choice.

Again you need to play around with other settings as well. Every time when you try something to check the surround speaker is working fine or not. It is better to test the source as well. You should also make sure that is there any issue with your speaker or receiver. There can be some fault which you need to fix. In case if you are using some type of Blu-ray player, you need to perform testing and set up for output as multi-channel bitstream. You should navigate to its own menu for finding such options.

If you can’t do that, maybe this is the time to call for a technician who can help you with home theater system repair problems.

The issue with front speakers Don’t Sound Right

This is another simple issue for which you don’t need any extra assistance. You can easily solve it just by playing around with the settings menu of your receiver. The majority of the time, it will be an issue with the size settings of your speaker. Most of the receivers give complete access to adjust the size. You can change it either large or small. Through this, you can easily integrate them and effectively work with other speakers present in the entire setup.

Large and small cover usually covers a big range and there is one benefit. You can easily pick the right one here and it is very easy as well. In case if you have floor standing speakers in the setup, it is better to go for a large one. In case if you have satellite speakers in place of front speakers, it is better to pick the small ones.

The issue with the height speakers

Height and ceiling speakers are really tricky to fix if they are not working. Initially check for the connection issues. Once you think that the connections are fine, it is better to check the settings present in A/V receiver. In most of the cases, height speakers offer the capability of 9.2 or 11.2 sound. So, the solution is usually achieved through codec settings. Codec is nothing but the software used for encoding sound.

In case if that is not the issue, you have tried changing the place of the speaker. You need to put a lot of effort into this and in case of ceiling speakers, it’s hard too. But, if you have height speakers, your job is easy. The main reason behind this is, height speakers usually bounce the sound outwards your ceilings. You can easily angle this to your listening position.

You can try to move the height speakers and test these using the same source material. Check, you can make out some difference or not? In some cases the angling may result in improving the material in some cases, you may not find any improvements.

These are some of the common home theater system repair problems you will face when you have a home theater at home. Other than these, if you face any issue, you may have to consult the experts.

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