How to clean your home theater system?

Electronic things are the ones about which everyone is excited. We all are known of the fact these electronic things are not easy to handle when it comes to taking care of them in cleaning criteria. It becomes essential for any electronic item to be cleaned efficiently. The home theater system is also an electronic item that requires proper cleaning after a specific time of setting up for experiencing better quality sound.

In this, we are about to discuss how to clean up the home theater systems properly to have relishing experience of home theater at home of both audio and video.

What needs to be cleaned with your home theater system? 

Before going to the actual process of cleaning, you need to understand what needs to be cleaned after a good enough time to set up the computers. Here we require to understand we cannot clean the internal system of a home theater system. What we clean is the outer outputs of the home theater, such as speakers.

  • Home stereo speakers: after buying a fresh piece of home theater speakers, they look charming and sparkling clean. It is one that is free of all the fingerprints. But with time, they cannot be considered as clean as they were before. Hence it is essential to clean home speakers since the video quality systems would not be affected much with time. It is because the system of video receiver is internal, which cannot be cleaned at home, but the audio systems are in need to clean precisely as their function is to amplify the sound and make your home theater feel like a movie theater.
  • Speakers of home theater might get dust particles due to which they need to clean.

Get a list of material for cleaning your home theater system

  • Before we start the process of cleaning the home stereo speakers, it is advisable to make a list of the material that you will require to clean up the home theater. Take this into consideration that no matter what sizes or type your speakers may be, the cleaning procedure remains the same for all of them.
  • These home speakers are bare as they are not covered with any particular layer of cloth of some other material. These pieces are either painted or stained, which allows these speakers to show their natural and raw look, making it look more beautiful.
  • Speakers are made with different types of pine, oak, maple, birch, walnut, and many others. You cannot clean these materials with some random oil or lubricant. Some special lubricants get used to clean up these audio speakers. In addition, saying this, MDF and plywood require keeping into a keen observation since it reacts differently than real wood. So be more careful about the speaker’s construction of one you are handling.

    Need more material for cleaning your home theater system:

  • Be considerate about the material you are using for the cleaning of your speakers. Harsh material should not be used for cleaning them up because they might pull off the wax and result in destroying the finished look. If you are using such sort of thing, it might not affect the sound quality, but it is just that it will not look the same as before. You shouldn’t be using any cleaner that is meant for the real wood for the vinyl wrapped or coated with lacquer exterior. Because you need to understand this, they are conveniently looking like real wood but are not.
  • Don’t use any cloth which you at home for cleaning purposes at your kitchen or other areas of the house. Choose such type of fabric which will not cause any harm to the cabinet, which is ideal for cleaning up the cabinet.

    The speaker’s exterior cabinets

  • For this particular purpose, you need to grab a line-free, clean, and less harsh cloth piece of cleaning up the speakers of your home theater. Cotton or microfiber cloth is ideal to clean up the speakers. It is advisable to avoid paper towels, as it probably leaves the particles of it are over the surface of external cabinets.
  • For this, you would need two different pieces of microfiber cloth when wanting to clean up your external speakers efficiently- one wet and another one dry. Those who are just wiping up the dust or dirt particles from the speakers, then a dry microfiber cloth, is good enough to do the job for you. But for a better and glancing look, you would need to use both dry as well as damp cloth for cleaning.
  • You can gently start with the wet cloth to clean the speaker from one side, and after cleaning it from one side, you can move to another side. Also, go following the grain direction, depending on whether your speakers are made up of which particular fiber or material.


Cleaning up the speaker grills

Speaker grills are the coverings of the drivers which shield against the objects and dirt particles. A clean microfiber cloth is good to clean up the grills. You need to be cautious when cleaning up grills; as they might be attached with fiber. Due to which a gentle pull can detach it from the surface.

Compressed air 

A can of compressed would be sufficient to clean up the dirt particles from your speakers properly. So be sure of carrying air compressed can for a better clean up of the speakers.


In this article, we have overlooked different ways of cleaning up the home theater systems quickly. One can feasibly clean up their home theater systems and improve their quality of audio for encountering a better experience of home theater. Just be informative about the type of your speaker’s material that it is made up of. This will assist you in avoiding you from damaging the finished look of your speakers. So, in the end, we can say that it is a hassle-free task to clean up your home theater and enable you to enjoy movie theater experiences at your home.

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