How to setup a home theater system

Let’s discuss how to setup a Home Theater System in your home, including the television, the speaker system, and the receiver.

Prepare Your Home Theater

Step 1: Which component you need to Buy

If you don’t know how to setup a home theatre system, keep in mind that setting up a home theater includes speakers, subwoofers, and television. So if you already have one or more parts, you don’t need to to buy all. just buy which component you required.

Step 2: All-in-one Home Theater Package

There are many brands offering all-in-one home theater systems which include speakers, receivers, and a TV screen making a system a whole package. If you can afford the all-in-one package instead of buying individual components, then it is the best decision for beginners.

Step 3: Choose a Perfect location

It is easier to get the best wireless home theater speaker system but to get most out of it is a little bit complicated. And the first consideration while placing the order in place. Configure the place in your home that is perfect for your home theater stereo system as the portion of the living room, a spare bedroom, etc.

Step 4: Think about the limits of Purchased Home Theater

There is much consideration that is worthwhile to think which may stunt the system’s overall size and depth:

Budget: You should buy a system which is from $500 to well over $10,000.

Noise: Selects the best speakers and setting up the system speakers that will vary widely depending on how close your neighbors are. So, without disturbing anyone, you can get immerse entertainment.

Space and Size: As I told you earlier, your home’s size will limit things such as the screen of the TV, size, speaker length and more.

Step 5: Decide on the Video Input System

It is optional to decide a video input system, but I suggested to add this option to get more convenience.
DVD Player or Blu-Ray Player: nothing can beat a DVD player if you are not quite ready to start downloading all of your movies.

Game Console: the best game console are Xbox One and The Play Station 4, provide you all-time entertainment. You can also watch TV, stream content, rent or buy digital movies and play DVDs.
Smart TV adapter: There is something that allows you to turn your TV into a Smart TV such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chrome cast, and Apple TV. For this purpose, you a smart TV adapter.

Step 6: Purchase and Plugin Power Strips

There are also needed electric outlets of your TV and other components, so it is also required lots of power strips in your home where you placed the system. Before place, check the electric outlets in your staging area, then move for further steps.

  • The power strips should go in the same general location as your TV.
  • Depending on the decided location of your room’s electrical outlet, you may need to use an extra cord too.

Choosing and Installing TV

Step 1: Choose the Right Size of TV

There is no need to get a larger screen, select a TV that is just a Bigger enough that looks great in your room.
In general,

  • If you have 9 to 15 feet room length, then you should select 70” TV screen and should be sitting 1 ½ -2 ½ times the screen size away from your TV and your closest sofa or couch.
  • The size of a TV is measured by diagonally such as from the top-left corner of the screen to the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • While the projectors offer to adjust the size of the screen, So it is suggested that select a projector between 12-15 feet from the wall to get the expected results.

Step 2: Resolution

Another important key factor is high-resolution of TV. As the more pixels your TV has, the higher the resolution you can get. So I recommend that get 4K Ultra HD which is expensive than 1080 or 720p.

Step 3: Purchase a video source

As I mentioned above, a DVD player or any other gaming console will enhance the entertainment.

  • You can skip this option if you already have a video source.
  • Ideally, select a video source such as Blu-Ray player, DVD player, and VCR boxes are relatively good.

Step 4: Place TV at Proper Location

If you want indulged experience, then it is essential to place your TV in its proper location so that you can comfortably watch.

  • Leave plenty of space between the TV screen and your sitting place.
  • If you are planning on mounting your TV, hold off on doing so until you’ve purchased and setup the speakers and other essential components.

Choosing and Installing the Speakers

Firstly you should determine the number of speakers that you need to buy. There is also some system available that comes with a set of speakers such as 7.1 Home theater system presents seven speakers with one subwoofer. So it also needs to understand the notation of packaged systems.

Also, you have to consider what exactly you like the most such as movies or listening to music or both as videos require larger TV screen while if you are interested listening music, it requires high-quality speakers. And install it according to the selected home theater systems, or you can visit our article, build home theater system, where I’ve mentioned in detail about placing the speakers.

Choosing and Installing Receiver

Importantly, you know a receiver, a receiver is a work as a hub between all components. So you have to look for a receiver which will accommodate all of your inputs. The best receiver is one who offers lots of input options.

Connecting Home Theater System

Whether you are beginner or professional, if you want to join a home theater system, then I recommend you follow the instructions that are written in the manual guide. As each method has its requirements.


Finally, you have enough detail on how to setup a home theater system in your home on your own. All need to follow these above simple steps. If you need any help, then comment below. Our experts are ready to help you!

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