Polk Audio Magnifi Mini Home Theatre Sound Bar System

Polk Audio Magnifi Mini Home Theatre Sound Bar system comes up with a complete package to enjoy an indulged surround sound experience. I ensure this home theatre system will give the best sound experience ever.

The Polk MagniFi Mini is small as compared to other sound bars. It is 13 inches wide and 3 inches high in size. Its plastic built gives a perfect and beautiful look. As it is small in size, that means it’s less likely than other sound bars to bock your TV infrared remote control sense.


It has a fascinating feature in the form of MagniFi Mini. It’s a 2.1 channel soundbar system with an incredible subwoofer that wirelessly works. The main component offers two tweeters about 12mm and four drivers 2.25 inches. And the other two are set in the side for Polk calls “SDA sound.” The subwoofer has a beautiful downward facing 6.5 inches driver and port too.  The well-desined speakers give you a classy appearance.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, optical and a 3.5 mm input with HDMI are connectivity sources you would expect for $300 sound bar. Its HDMI port is a little strange. Its Audio Return Channel works well, especially when you are listening onboard sound on a smart TV.

If you have a blue-ray consisting device, you can use other connections or directly connect through TV, make sure TV supports ARC. If it is not supported, you can use other connections.

It provides the facility of Denon AV receiver which gives several inputs making it one of the most versatile for home theatre use. So, you can get a flawlessly clear full range surround sound no matter what you are watching or listening.

The system is reasonable and flexible. It gives immerse surround sound with both music and movies due to its stunning features. Another best feature is Google Cast, which allows smooth streaming from your smartphone or tablet that works with various apps and even makes the MagniFi Mini feature more excellent.


  • It is larger
  • Provides much bigger surround high-quality sound
  • The package is compact that will quickly placeable into most of living room setups.
  • Smooth streaming because of the ability to Google Cast directly from your phone.


  • Sometime WI-FI connectivity does not work
  • Unreliable
  • Somewhat the ARC-only HDMI input limits connections.

The Bottom Line

Polk audio Magnify Mini Home Theatre Sound Bar system is a combination of fascinating features, and compact size makes it one of the best choices if you are going the best sound bars at a reasonable price.


Hopefully, you have enough detail about Polk audio Magnifi Mini Home Theatre Sound Bar system that is a mixture of the stunning feature with its compact design. If you want a reasonable soundbar system, then it is the right one. Keep following us more details!

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