Samsung Blu-Ray Home Theater System (2015 Model)

Everyone wants to change their living room or bedroom to a perfect home theater. They are looking for different models but didn’t able to find the best one. The reason is that each one comes with various features, and hence, it becomes necessary to consider their pros and cons. Well, don’t worry as we are here for your help to know about the excellent one. This Samsung HT-J5500W Home Theater System is there for serving your purpose. The unit is one of those that come with wireless speakers, which makes the appliance convenient in the affordable price range.

Moreover, the device features a Blu-ray player, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and impressive bass. You will come to discover immersive sound quality that comes with a 5.1 channel system. Watch movies and TV with enriched audio, and you can also share the media directly from the mobile devices, and PC. We have covered the major aspects that are related to the unit. It helps to ensure that whether you are going for the right one or not. This Samsung HT-J5500W Home Theater System comes with automatically turn on or off feature that enables seamless entertainment experience at the house. Let us talk about the features, pros, and cons of the device.

Features Samsung HT-J5500W 5.1 Channel 1000-Watt 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System (2015 Model)

  • 1 channel support

This appliance comes with 5.1 channel support that helps to listen to awesome sound quality with ease. You will not find any distortion in the media at the time of playing something. If you want to be sure about the product, then consider visiting the retail market for seeing every feature on your own.

  • Connectivity

You will find many devices that are available in the market, but not all come with excellent connectivity feature. With the Samsung HT-J5500W Home Theater System, you don’t have to worry. The unit allows connecting with any other source via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It is the choice of the user to select any of the sources for making connections with the appliance.

  • Dolby digital sound

Everyone wants to listen to great music and always looking for the right thing. It has Dolby digital sound that enables to play audio with immersive audio. Moreover, you have also heard about Dolby that is known for providing extreme quality sound without any trouble. This unit is the perfect way of changing your place to home theater.

  • Input ports

When you are using the product, then you will come to know about the different ports that come with the device. They are HDMI, USB, connection with TV, and so on. There are not so many input ports for making connections, and the reason is that the package is wireless.

These all are the top features of using Samsung HT-J5500W Home Theater System.


  1. Quality sound

It is considered as one of the most amazing benefits of purchasing this Samsung model. You will come to know that the unit comes with surround sound that delivers 3D audio when playing something. There is no need to worry with the video quality as the product able to enhance with the Dolby equalizer.

  1. Wireless speakers

No one wants to get tangled with wires, and they want to buy those appliances that are wireless. Well, the device has everything that every user wants to have in a home theater. This package contains wireless speakers that are already connected with the system.

  1. Complete package

This unit has one center speaker, a Blu-ray, two front subwoofers, and two satellite speakers. When you are looking for the different systems for choosing the best, then Samsung HT-J5500W Home Theater System is all you need.

These all are the top pros of using this Samsung model.


Everyone is worried about deciding on what to choose for their house. The reason is that they don’t know whether the product can deliver their needs or not. In this section, you will come to know about the drawbacks of using the machine.

  • Fewer ports for connectivity

As the product is wireless but sometimes, there is a need to connect some other devices with the unit. The Samsung HT-J5500W Home Theater System does not come with more number of ports for making connections. Especially, the major drawback is that it only contains one HDMI port.

These all are the cons of using the unit.

Why there is a need to buy Samsung HT-J5500W Home Theater System?

We should consider one thing is to know everything about the product that we are going to buy. It is because to ensure that you didn’t make any blunder. Moreover, you have to understand its importance to know the need to buy the unit. Let us talk about the reasons to go for purchasing this Samsung model.

  • Connect via Wi-Fi

Nowadays, there are many devices that come with a Wi-Fi option that enables to connect any machine. This Samsung HT-J5500W Home Theater System has the option to connect it with the TV or PC via Wi-Fi.

  • Power on-off with Bluetooth

When we are watching our favorite movies or shows on PC or TV, then no one wants to go near the device for controlling the unit. You don’t have to worry as the HT-J5500W can be turned on and off via Bluetooth. One should make the connection with the machine and that all, now you can control the appliance with ease.

  • Exceptional video quality

At the time of watching 2D or 3D videos on this Samsung model. You don’t have to worry as the unit has a Blu-ray option that enables the device to allow users to watch high-quality videos without any disturbance and at high frame rate.

In my opinion, all these are the top necessary facts to know about the Samsung HT-J5500W Home Theater System. It helps to understand how the appliance is perfect for your house. Always make sure to read the instructions carefully to know how to operate the unit. One should not worry about the sound quality as Dolby equalizer enables to deliver immersive audio without any distortion.

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