Sony Home Theatre System

Everyone loves indulged sound because it’s a way to freshen your mood. If you are interested in immersive sound, then you have come to at right place because I’m going to review the Sony home theatre system. Let’s getting started!

Sony Home Theatre System Review

Japanese manufacturer the Sony soundbar system. The Sony Home Theatre System provides you enough surround sound that indulges you what you are watching. The system comes up with metal grille on all its front panel and rear speakers as well.

Sony offers an excellent quality voice, and its tweeters let you listen in a high volume. It has a pair of two and rear speakers that gives you a stunning surround sound.

The system has Bluetooth 4.2 port, HDMI, optical-in ports and analog audio input and also have a USB port.

With its 20cm subwoofer and much bigger speakers with a heavy bass makes this system the best choice. The bass is mighty as it comes from two tallboy speakers.

Movies, music, guitar riffs, bass guitar, and even drum beats, everything you can listen in a surround sound in the entire room with clear voice quality. The bass gives a great experience that you have not ever listen to.

The remote has a smooth design with enough keys that are easy to use. But if you are placing this system as a party speaker, the remote is not sufficient.  The keys do not work in a darkened environment as remote has not background lights.


You have to make sure when connecting a receiver and the TV using A HDMI cable. You have to connect the labeled ARC cable to HDMI, or you have to find the port that supports ARC. Now turn on the control for HDMI setting on both TV and receiver to get your required result.

Setting a Sony’s system is an easy task. Firstly, you have to find a place where you want to place it. Now you have to get up the screen. The third step is sound. Then connectivity, it depends. Seating and warp up. You have done it.

It comes with a massive design but not portable if you want to place it another location, you have to put a lot of effort to carry it from one to another position.

Personally, if you have an excellent budget, then there are lots more best home theatre system that you can buy at the same rate as Sony home theatre is available.


  • Bass is unbelievable, and treble speakers can shake your room with a boom
  • Stellar sound
  • Overall, it is one of the best in this price segment


  • The remote is hard to operate in the dark
  • Not portable

Final words

As you have reviewed the Sony Home Theatre system, it is one of the best ways to get the surround sound experience. All in one Sony Home Theatre System offers you to enjoy the environment what you want to listen to your home. This sound system is full of fantastic functions.

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