Top Wireless Rear Speakers Home Theater System

With the introduction of portable personal speakers providing better quality sounds, demands for sound systems for home-based theater are increasing. The Wireless Rear Speakers Home Theater works to provide you the perfect cinematic experience at home.

Several speakers are used for amplifying sound in a surround sound system. These are;

Driver types: They have multiple frequencies ranges from high to low sounds. They have tweeters, woofers and subwoofers, all speakers inserted to form one single driver.

Full range drivers: They work independently to produce a wide range of frequency sounds. Their size is 3-8 inch in diameter to deliver powerful sound.

Subwoofer: It is a speaker which produces low pitched sound. They are an important component of wireless speakers for home theater.

Woofer: A type of speaker which produces low-frequency sounds. They make low music sounds audible to a human.

Tweeter: It produces high-frequency sounds. Their design needs to be carefully controlled as they leave the speaker in a narrow line.

All these types of speakers are assembled to develop a perfectly working surround sound system for home theaters.

The surround system works on the principle that utilizes several speakers to surround you with sounds from all sides. With the surround sound system, you feel like hearing sound from every corner of the room.

Rear speakers produce strong sounds with low frequency. They produce sounds with high quality, and the speakers receive sound waves through a receiver already installed in the speaker. The transmitter sends a signal to the receiver in the form of waves. Customers are demanding wireless speakers for their home-based theaters.

We have reviewed the top 2 wireless rear speakers home theater system. So you can select the one for your mini theater.

KM57C 5.1- Channel by Samsung

The renewed 5.1 Channel rear speaker by Samsung is available in black color. Samsung is the leading manufacturer of electronic gadgets in the world. Enjoy high-quality sound with HD images on the TV screen and feel the glimpse of mini cinema at home. The speakers have soundbar and subwoofer present. The speaker has 5 units which are easy to install and operate.

Product details

  • 5 built-in speakers with Soundbar and Subwoofer.
  • 460W total power
  • Wireless technology with built-in Bluetooth feature.
  • 5 modes of digital signal processing for sound.
  • 1 center speaker
  • Wireless rear speakers
  • Total weight of 15.5 kg
  • Net dimensions 1175 x 210 x 4


With Samsung KM57C 5.1 channel rear sound speakers you can enjoy high-quality cinematic sounds at home. The product has some amazing features such as;

  • Enjoy noise-free sounds for movies, games, sports, and music with center speakers. The soundbar delivers sound in a way that it feels coming from the TV screen.
  • With the coordinated action of 5 built-in speakers, enjoy crystal clear and uninterrupted sounds.
  • Make your living room a mini theatre with the surround sound system. With wireless speaker, subwoofer and rear speaker organize the speakers without efforts and feel the sound coming from every corner of the room. The rear speaker needs cable to connect with power.
  • With Bluetooth, feature connects the system to your TV and mobile devices without getting entangled in the lump of wires.
  • Enjoy powerful bass music with the rear sound speakers and natural quality of sound.
  • Download the app on your smart devices and control your sound system from your palm.
  • With the Bluetooth, feature connects the system with multiple devices and enjoy several features at a time. Connect the system with your mobile to update the frequency of sounds. Enjoy streaming music from your mobile or smart devices.

With the modern and sleek design give your home theatre a living look. Arrange a movie night and enjoy with your family and friends at home with the Samsung home theater system.

Shockwafe Pro 7.1 Ch by Nakamichi

The new surround sound wireless rear speaker by Nakamichi is Shockwafe Pro 7.1 Channel. With these speakers in your home, you feel like every act getting performed in front of you. Nakamichi Wireless Rear Speakers Home Theater enables you to hear the sound as if you were sitting with the director and listed to every single sound.

Product details

  • Soundbar system of 45 inches.
  • Rear satellite sound speakers
  • Wireless subwoofers of 8 inch
  • 1 channel sound system
  • Sound production up to 104 decibels
  • 11 drivers
  • Tweeters with built-in a surround system
  • 2 HDMI input ports
  • Backlit LCD remote control
  • 400W power source
  • Weight of item is 23.85 lbs
  • Product dimensions 45.5 x 3.3 x 3 inches
  • 9 modes for surround sound
  • Available in black color


When you are looking for simplicity but don’t want to compromise on quality Nakamichi Shockwafe is the best solution for you. With the 7.1 channel enjoy yourself surrounded by high-quality sound. Some of the interesting features you will enjoy are;

  • With the 8 inch subwoofer enjoy high pitched but low frequency sounds. Well, subwoofers are speakers which produce low-frequency sounds, but these produce sound as low as 35Hz.
  • The front surround sound system produces a high-quality sound which enhances the quality of the HD visuals of the screen. Sit on your sofa and lost in the cinematic effects with the surround sound system.
  • It has 2 rear surround sound systems which produce sound as delivering from every corner of the room.
  • Moreover, 400W powerful sound speakers and 11 sub drivers, fill the room with sounds reflecting in the room.
  • With just one single Backlit LCD remote control all of your devices. Treble, rear, center and base speakers with just one single remote while sitting at one place.
  • Moreover, connect the speakers through 2 HDMI input with your High definition TV, one HDMI output, and 1 optical, coaxial and analog input each.
  • The efficient sound delivery of up to 104dB enough to give you a crystal clear sound. Connect the rear speakers to subwoofer through standard RCA wires.
  • Connect the device to your smartphone through Bluetooth and enjoy streaming music from your phone.

With Nakamichi home theater system enjoy the cinematic sounds and systems with high definition acoustics sounds. Give a living look to your theater room.

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