What do I need for a home theater?

Home theater, or also known as home cinema, is a theater room which helps in encountering movie theater experiences easily at home with excellent quality audio and visual systems. These experiences are obtained by setting different home electronics of good quality for both video and sound at your home or in a private room or backyard of your home. When setting up a home theater, you require numerous things that are essential for encountering a relishing experience of theater at home. In this article, we would be discussing those things.

How it all got started a home theater?

Home theater is undoubtedly an exciting thing. These are opted by most of the individuals to encounter a theater relishing experience at home only. It all got started from the 1980s when the multi-channel audio systems and laser discs added a new element for the home cinema. The first-ever system was created, built by Steve J. LaFontaine as a sales equipment at kirshmans furniture store in Metairie, Louisiana, in 1974.

Here we are listing several different things which are essential for setting up for a home theater and will also assist you:

1. Home theater receiver, also known as AV or surround sound receiver:

Its primary purpose is to get audio and video signals through a vast number of sources, and helps home electronics to make use of loudspeakers and also helps in displaying over television, monitor, or any video projectors. The receiver is understood by the amplifier, which has been built in a radio tuner. Along with audio-video receivers, its most straightforward function is to get an audio signal, to amplify the audio, and after that, pass by it through the comparable visual signals over a visual projecting device like a projector or a television screen. Also with the changing time the functioning of this receiver has also extended itself. In a more straightforward definition, it is used for two primary functions, especially that are:

• Transferring video to TV from  receiver: simply by connecting your TV monitor to the output of the video receiver for receiving the signals over your TV. This helps in collecting all the signals from any device connected. This will enable you to enjoy the high quality of the visual effects.

• Transferring audio to TV from receiver: when one is talking about receiving audio from the receiver from this receiver. For this particular process, you need to connect your external audio cable of TV to the aux audio the internal TV on your audio receiver. In modified TV, they have features that are an audio return channel of the audio return channel.

2. Video projector or television of a home theater:

The second thing which you would need to operate accurately would be a visual projector. You can connect to your device to your television in two ways:

• The first one is if you have a cable network TV, then you would need to plug those cables together and connect them directly.
• Another one is connecting your TV with the internet and then accessing this easily and conveniently.

Those who have a visual or video projector then they need to follow a different process for operating this particular home theater system.

3. Blue ray Disc or CD player

It is centered over the connections one is having for their home theater devices. If you have an HDMI connection setup, then it will help you to connect and access both audio and visual systems. Then it will help you to set up a connection with your HDMI output along your TV.
In contrast, if you do not have HDMI connections but only have HDMI pass through, then you would also need to have an optical or coaxial or analog audio connection to the player and receiver for processing the player to access audio for you.

For connecting your CD to your audio and video receiver, you need to have an analog that can help you in connecting to your home theater easily and conveniently.

4. Media streamer of a home theater

It is an optimal device which is optional if you are having any media streamer such as Amazon fire TV stick or Google chrome cast or something else. Make sure that it is connected with the internet or usually to the Wi-Fi. This can help you to enjoy your different favorite channels over effectively. In two ways you can connect this media streamer to the home theater

• By HDMI you can combine those media streamer to home theater
• By making a route through the receiver, you can connect these media streamers to your home theater.

5. Loudspeakers and subwoofers

It ultimately depends upon the speaker layout, and according to that, the number of speakers is determined. Loudspeakers are a must for any home theater since it is a vital part of making any home theater feeling like Movie Theater. Along with loudspeakers, subwoofers are also required to be placed accurately. You need to keep a check over the distance of speakers from the walls. For a better experience, it is advisable to place it from a particular range.

6. The last step

The very last step of setting up a this device easily at your home is to put everything accordingly. As it is really important for everything to placed precisely over their place. If everything is set, then only you can good experience. If you are not sure about any of the steps, then you can read the manual book.


In this article, we have discussed the different items that are needed for setting up your home theater conveniently at your home or the backyard or in some private room. Setting up is a quite complicated task, but it can be carried down easily if one for the instructions. Hence it is a convenient option to improve your entertainment source.

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