Wired Vs. Wireless Home Theatre Systems – Which one you should buy?

Not long ago, it was perceived that wired home theater systems provide superior quality sound experience as compared to wireless home theatre systems.

But thanks to constantly evolving wireless technologies like Wi-fi and Bluetooth are now so advanced that it is almost impossible for even an audiophile to detect the difference between sound of a wired and a wireless sound system.

That’s why,

More and more people prefer to choose wireless home sound systems these days.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy wireless home theatre system instead of a wired one.

No Wire Clutter

The primary benefit of having a wireless setup is a neat space without messy wires. You just need it to plug into a power outlet.

Hassle-Free Setup

A wireless system is very easy to set up. You just need to pair it through Bluetooth or Wi-fi and that’s it.

Easy Relocation

As you just need a power outlet, you can easily change the location of your setup. Some wireless speakers even come with a battery enabling you to use them on the go; literally, no strings attached.

More Pet-Friendly

There’s no risk involved of pets chewing and damaging speaker cables.

Mobile Device Friendly

What if you are watching a movie or streaming a music video on YouTube and you want to connect your sound system to fully enjoy it. That seems almost impossible with wired systems. But if you have a wireless speaker system, you can easily pair your mobile device with your speakers and enrich your experience.

Commonly Used Wireless Connectivity Technologies


It is easy to setup near-field technology having a limited range of almost 10-meters. Hence, You often need to hold down the pairing button to activate pairing mode and connect your device then.


Wi-fi speakers aren’t limited by range, as it is the case with Bluetooth speakers. They can be connected from anywhere, they just need to be connected to the same wi-fi network. They often come equipped with a dedicated app to install in your device. Wi-fi based wireless speakers provide superior sound quality as well as more options to stream online music directly through app or voice commands in case of smart speakers.


If you want to buy an audio system, we recommend you to get a wireless home theatre system rather than a wired system because there is almost no difference in sound quality, it’s convenient and it’s a popular choice.

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